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IT Outsourcing Solutions (IRS)

As company grows their IT becomes more complex, time consuming and expensive to manage. Whereas business requires strong and professional troop to be able to maintain the transformation and keep aligned with the business vision and strategy.

As the business world becomes challenging, organisations nowadays need to innovate and focus on their value creation.

Whether you are a SME or large enterprise, SWATX will help you through its outsourcing services portfolio to keep you ready offloading your IT operations, improve efficiency and reduce cost.

How SWATX IT Outsourcing Solutions helps you

SWATX IT Outsourcing Solutions (IRS) help organisational and business stakeholders to improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and achieve desired goals and objectives..


We provide our customers with recommendations, business continuity plan for continuous improvement and value creation.

As your trusted team and coach, SWATX IRS brings in values that are reliable and fitting to your strategic development. 

SWATX Outsourcing Solutions offers services in the following areas
  • Application management and administration 

  • Application development

  • System administration

  • Network administration 

  • Data Center and Business Continuity

  • Database administration

  • Software development

  • Business and system analysis

  • End user system support

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