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IT Support Services

Renovating IT Support Services in Egypt:

Our IT Remote Support Services range from IT Management Support, to IT Help Desk Support Services.

With the IT Help Desk Support Services, you may choose between subscription options and only pay based on your needs. We realize the magnitude of the IT challenges facing companies nowadays, and the huge costs associated with building a reliable IT department that can help businesses protect their data, ensure data integration across departments, and align technology adoption with business strategies.

IT Help Desk Management 

and Support Services

IT Support Services- SWATX Solutions

SWATX provides Remote IT Support in Egypt, with Onsite visits available upon demand, effectively becoming your IT Help Desk Partner.

Based on your chosen package, you are entitled to Remote Administration and Support Services via live web sessions, a limited number of onsite visits to handle operating system failures, hardware issues, power failure, or network issues that can’t be handled remotely, and a Virtual CIO who will attend quarterly meetings with the Company’s Top Executives to provide insights on the status of the IT Department and the potential changes based on the management’s strategic initiatives.

IT Management Support Services

With the IT Management Support Services, you can rely on SWATX to act as your external IT Department, letting you focus on the core functions of your business, while we handle your IT Infrastructure, Network Systems and Solutions, integrate your Business Applications to maintain the efficiency of workflow, provide periodic IT Consulting Services to align your business strategy with the suitable technology options, and become your IT Help Desk partner, with a team of professionals dedicated for IT Help Desk Services; providing top notch IT Remote Support within working days.

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