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Education and Training (ETS)

World nowadays is getting more dynamic. Whereas business requires strong and knowledgeable troop to be able to maintain the transformation and keep aligned with the business vision and strategy.

As the business world becomes complex, organisations nowadays need to innovate and develop their main employees who are their main asset in order to excel.

Whether you are an individual or organisation, SWATX will help you through its education and training portfolio to keep you ready for the next thing happening, be proactive and not re-active, lead and not follow, achieve your goals and objectives utilizing the best practices, knowledge and experience.

How SWATX Education and Training Services helps you

SWATX Education and Training Services (ETS) consults and leads organisational and business stakeholders to improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and achieve desired goals and objectives..

We present leading practices and advisory, with our certified high competent instructors to leading organisations in different industries.

As your trusted trainer and coach, SWATX ETS brings in training that are reliable and fitting to your development. 

SWATX ETS offers education and training services in the following areas

- Lean 6 Sigma training

  •  Yellow Belt

  •  Green Belt

  •  Black Belt

- Technical Training

  • Project Management Professional

  • Total Quality Management

- Soft Skills

  • High Impact Presentation Skills

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Problem Solving

  • Data Analytics for Decision making

  • Total Quality Management 

How can we help?

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