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IT Consulting Services

There is a growing need for IT Consulting in Egypt; many business executives across industries are questioning the potential benefits of the current breakthrough in the Tech world, while others are facing technical challenges with their established IT infrastructure,Network Systems and Solutions.

Scope of IT Consulting Services

SWATX provides on demand IT Consulting Support Services for decision makers regardless of their professional backgrounds; our experienced Gurus translate IT adoption choices into opportunities to help maintain and expand your business.

SWATX offers IT Consulting Services in the following areas

- IT Transformation

- Requirement analysis and solution design

- IT budgeting and plan

We offer on the go IT Consulting Support to help resolve presiding issues, and long term IT Consulting Services with a Virtual CIO attending quarterly meetings to oversee the alignment of technology adoption with the company’s strategic initiatives as a part of our IT Support packages.

Seeking advise?

Drop us a line to explore how we can help you.

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